Welcome to Extrico

We are a huge team of talented IT professionals

Doing what...?

Few Words About Us

We aim to take the drudge out of your IT requirements, from fixing small problems to developing strategies to better organise your work

The Company

We'd like you to imagine we're a huge company, occupying state of the art offices in a prestigious location

The Team

Seriously, I don't know who these guys are. They look pretty impressive though, with a huge range of skills, don't they? Apart from the one on the right. He looks like a terrorist. (What? - oh, he is a terrorist!)

Our Services

PC or laptop broken? You're a small business and don't know what would benefit it, without you having to spend a lot of time or money and take you away from your day to day? Let's have a chat.


We're a modern company and the fax went not long after we stopped using Telex


We believe we can help you in three principle areas

Data Organisation

If you believe you productivity will benefit from better organisation of your existing data - let's talk


Use us as a sounding board to see if your ideas can be developed further to a workable solution

Broken Kit

We don't charge if we are unable to fix your broken PC/laptop - and we may recommend a trusted company who can


Company guidelines dictate we don't employ anyone older than 35, but Employment Legislation tells us we can't admit to that. Don't worry - you'll have real people responding to your real problems

Paul Channon

Chief Executive Officer

Полина Чанoн

Product Manager

Paul Chapman


Paula Channon



We operate in the Hitchin, Herts area. Check us out to see if we can provide what you need - all queries answered

1, King Georges Close


+44 7976 287430

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